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Aanika's Yoga DVD

The flow within

Aanika’s new DVD with an Indian touch was shot in the still purity of ashram like serenity, embedded with the vibant colours of rangoli and clothed in age old authentic Indian yogi costumes. You will see and feel the serenity throughout the stretches. The music was composed by upcoming artists from India, keeping the asana in mind and you will notice that the sounds and the rhythms of the instruments go with the flow of the postures.

Hope you enjoy the interesting use and mix of windpipes, flute, piano and sitar. The costumes have been hand painted with Sanskrit shaloka’s and the ancient sage look shines through the costumes beautifully.

Since Aanika is a classical dancer as well, the DVD ends with some Indian classical dance moves coming out of the yogic postures.

Enchanting and innovative.

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