Luxury silk eye pillow lavender(lavender colour)

Luxury silk eye pillow lavender(lavender colour)

Price: £12.99

Luxury silk eye pillow

This eye shaped Silk eye pillow is a well deserved treat for tired eyes, especially after a long exhausting day. iIts soft to touch and is a very soothing on the eyes. It also has a symbol of Om on one side and comes in two attractice colours.It’s filled with flaxseeds and lavender flowers. Lavender has antiseptic properties and is extremely soothing and calming to the nerves. This will relax your mind and let you go into deep Yoga nidra in Savasana after your yoga and meditation practice.The inlets are made of pure cotton and are zipped for security. The seeds can be taken out and the inlet washed and revived.

Place on eyes whenever you want, wherever you are!

  • Zipped outer cover
  • Zipped inlet holding the seeds.
  • Sacred symbol of OM

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