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Earn Discounts

How can I earn a discount?

Here's what we're hoping is a fantastic idea we've come up with to offer our customers discounts on future purchases.

Post a link on your website / blog / homepage and write a short sentence or two about our store either recommending us based on your past experience or just by posting something like 'Hey, I found some great Yoga clothes/products on the other day' and then inserting a link. Try to be original and have fun with it.

Then email Aanika on with the URL of the page where you posted the link. She will then personally assess the quality of the link, such as the website it is on whether yoga and meditation related and a few other criteria which values the link. She will then email you a discount code good for as long as the link remains active and good for as many purchases as you like, anyone can use the code, you can even share it with your friends and family.

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