Does doing Yoga make you Hindu?


Well here is a thought! A Muslim woman has been on the news as her family is worried that if she does yoga she will be considered a hindu!! and such thoughts are being entertainied and a cause for worry in many other religions as well since Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice with connections to Hinduism and Buddhism. My point is  when do us humans start connecting to our source and realising through our practice of yoga our purpose, our union with other beings, our own egos and its variations etc etc and STOP thinking about its origins, where it come from, which religion? Ahhh! dont we actually stop thinking.. at least for the hour of our practice and go into the wonderland of breath and where it takes us? Why do we have to encase yoga just as we do so many things in life? Practice is about what it does to you and NOT what it makes you? In fact yoga should make you nothing,right? yoga releases what you have become and brings you down to Zero, which is our true existence? Any thoughts out there?


One Weekend: TWO Yoga Festivals!

Hi Everyone,

We are SO excited to tell you that Yogamasti will be taking itself, not just to one show…but TWO this upcoming weekend!

Yep, that’s right guys… Yogamasti works seriously hard to try and communicate our passion and our ambition to all of you. Which is why we are taking our beautiful clothes & accessories to two of the most amazing destinations: Paris & Milan!

milan & paris show

If you’re going to be attending any of these shows… Come say hi! We always love meeting with you and of course connecting with new people! So please share and spread the word!

If you’d like to know more about these shows, click here for the Paris Show and here for the Milan show!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti x

Children & Yoga: Happiness!


Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic week, and here’s to the beginning of the next one!

Now we all know how yoga can benefit you personally, but do we know how yoga can benefit our children??

It’s pretty simple, really… If you know that yoga has the magnificent power to de-stress you, put you in a better mood, flex your body & lose all those daily tensions… Why wouldn’t it do the same for your kids?

A lot of people might think that children equals naivety, candour, energy and being able to be worry-free (something we all would love to go back to, am I right?) and that they wouldn’t require yoga like adults do. But in fact, yoga can be amazingly beneficial to children with ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Autism, Anger Issues or just your every-day happy child in need of educating.

Children with ADHD need to find a way to calm themselves down. Meditation is one of the most common advice friends & doctors might give to their parents. And this is a good thing. Meditation and yoga helps children with motor skills disorder to improve their breathing patterns, which are at the root of all muscle tightness. A meditative practice at night before going to sleep can help the child concentrate on a single thing at a single moment in time, calming themselves and letting go of the unnecessary baggage they’ve been holding during the day. With practice, they will learn how to let go and this will allow to perform an activity with better accuracy for a longer period of time, thus improving their self confidence!

You’ll find that if you yourself practice yoga: your children will want to join in, as it is a fun activity and can enhance the connection between you and your child! This will not only keep your fitness level up, but also encourage them to carry out exercise and you will pat yourself on the back when it’s bed time for them and they are tired enough to go to sleep within minutes due to having well-spent their energy during the day! They will also benefit from a better sleep this way, thus rejuvenating the body properly and getting it ready for another run the next day.

Family Yoga1

For teenagers who are coming to grips with their personalities, change in hormones, school stress and other sources of anxiety, Yoga helps them to learn how to control their breathing, thus flushing out toxins within the body, and help resource themselves for better studies. You will definitely notice the difference between a child who practices yoga on a regular basis compared to one who doesn’t: their levels of work and inner control will reflect in their ways of life & will benefit them immensely on a future aspect and in adulthood.

In the mean time, enjoy your children & don’t forget to enhance your spiritual bond with them by practicing yoga on a regular basis. You will notice the difference, in the short-run because you are all having fun, and in the long-run because your children will have learnt how to control their breathing, emotions, tensions, flexibility and stamina – and this will show in their personalities, which will shine through them, and you can be proud of that!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti x

The Hand Mudra


Hi Everyone!

Have you ever wondered why Yogamasti‘s logo is a Hand Mudra? It’s pretty nifty, actually… Read on through!

In fact, this powerful set of gestures originate from Hinduism and Buddhism, where it is believed that there are five elements in the Universe: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Aether. For those who don’t know, Aether, also spelt Ether, is a classical element that fills the region between the Earth and the Universe.


Performing these mudras can be so beneficial to you and your body, it is a powerful instrument. There is no need to devote masses amount of your time or be placed in a specific way: you can stand, sit, walk, talk…and still perform a hand mudra.

Our hands are very distinguished, and there’s a lot to learn about how our body is connected to absolutely everything in the Universe. Take a look at this hand chart:


Photo Credit:

To find out more about how you can practice different hand mudras with your five fingers, click here!

In the mean time, enjoy your meditations & practice your hand mudras!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti x

Ashtanga Yoga- What Is It?


Hi Everyone,

If you follow up on this blog regularly, you’ll know that previously I wrote about Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Now, it’s Ashtanga Yoga’s turn to be debunked!

So what is it? Well, Ashtanga Yoga is derived from vinyasa-styles, where it is indeed very highly structured. Here we have five different series, each with a full set of poses that one must master before continuing onto the next series.

So for example, the first series starts with 10 Sun Salutations, followed by several standing poses, and ends with a series of inverted and seated poses which are linked with a vinyasa series.


To read more about the poses that are included in ashtanga, click here.


Because this practice is so demanding in every way and you are meant to practice it more than once every two days (mental and physical), the advantage of this is that you will get strong really fast. Other benefits include flexibility, inner peace & stress-management.

Is it for me?

Beginners beware! This practice is quite tough, maybe try a few asana series before swimming at the deep end of the pool. For others, if you like a very structured class and don’t have any muscle constraints or past serious injuries in the limbs: then go for it! Just remember to move at your own pace, most people take years to move up a level.

In the mean time, enjoy your classes!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti x

Winter Yoga

winter yoga

Hi Everyone,

I know, I know… It’s a little soon to be talking about winter already… But what can I say, I want you all to be prepared for the cold to come! (for those who watch Game Of Thrones: Winter Is Coming, is it not? *wink*)

Personally, when it’s cold outside all I want to do is to sit in a nice heated room where I can still wear a nice t-shirt and comfy shorts- don’t you? The warmth on the skin and the freedom of not wearing ten layers is liberating. So! To cut to the chase, here’s how to make sure you’re well and truly ready to face on the winter days :)

  • First off, remember that winter never settles down without a whole bunch of people getting colds, flus, and other bugs…. So, protect yourself! Keep your immune system up by covering up before going out in just your yoga outfit. 
  • Try arriving a little earlier to class, 10 minutes will allow your body to heat up again before class starts and you’ll be able to flex your body more this way without injuring yourself.
  • To avoid getting sick, maybe ask your teacher not to assist you too much during practice. This is simply precautionary because the teacher will have touched everyone else in the class and thus transferring bacteria around onto other people and, potentially yourself.
  • Speaking of bacteria, make sure you bring your own instruments to class. Yoga mats, blocks, towels, anything else you might require for yoga you should have your own instead of using the ones at the gym. This is for the same reason as the bullet point above, you don’t know who’s touched them before you and whether or not they were sick or a carrier of a sickness.
  • Bring a change of nice fresh clothes for when you’ve finished your yoga practice. This way you won’t need to stay in your damp sweaty yoga gear for too long, thus helping your immune system.

And let’s not forget to save the best for last: poses that are best suited for winter months! During the colder season you will need a yoga practice that will help open the chest, sinuses and throat, this improving congestion and supporting the lungs. Here’s a list of five different poses that will aid clear phlegm and warm the kidneys: 

  1. Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), this will heat your body as a warm-up.
  2. Matsyasana (Fish Pose), this inverted pose will open your chest and throat.
  3. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), also opens up the chest.
  4. Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand), this supported inversion helps with stagnation of lymph, and
  5. Salabhasana (Locust Pose), strengthens the back whilst opening the chest.

End your practice with Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

In the mean time, enjoy the last rays of warm sunshine and late evenings!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti x

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga

Hi Everyone!

Just a few days ago I wrote about Vinyasa’s subset yoga: Hatha Yoga. In fact, Vinyasa Yoga is a pre-determined sequence of poses that is distinguished for its dynamic transitions & movements (seen for example in the Sun Salutation). By definition Vinyasa actually means “to place in a special way”.


As just explained, Vinyasa yoga is predefined and encompasses four main parts: The opening series with 10 Sun Salutations followed by several standing asanas; One of the six “main” sequences, which can be beginners, intermediate, or advanced level; A back-bending series, And the finish sequence (inverted asanas). A sequence will always end with savasana (corpse pose).


The biggest and most visual benefits include mind alignment & flexibility. Even in a non-spiritual class, the fact that you must concentrate on your breathing and physicality of the practice means that your lungs with strengthen and your mind will be able to focus more.

Is it for me?

Although Vinyasa Yoga stays a meditative practice, it still requires movement and dynamism. If you’re a person who likes to show you’ve done some exercise through sweat and tempo, this one’s definitely for you. For others who prefer a more relaxing, calm environment, maybe try Hatha Yoga :-)

In the mean time, enjoy your yoga classes and good luck!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti x


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Yoga * Wasser * Klang – Hamburg Yoga Festival 2013 here we come!

Hamburg Festival

Hi Everyone,

We’re super excited to say that Yogamasti is taking itself to the Hamburg Yoga Festival, called the Yoga, Wasser, Klang Festival this year!!!

It’s happening on the 21st and 22nd of September, so if any of you are available you should come meet us!!! We always love to say hi to other yogi’s :)

We will be bringing our NEW collections as well, so be sure to not miss out!

If you need more information about the Festival, click here :)

Hope to see you there!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti x

Hamburg Festival 2

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What is Hatha Yoga?

Hi Everyone :)

So… Hatha Yoga… You’ve heard of it, but do you really know what it is?



Did you know Hatha Yoga can be traced as far back as the 8th century? In fact, it’s very first definition was given to this practice in the 11th century and was described as “the relation to the center channel”. Today, we know Hatha Yoga to be a mixture between physical & mental strength.


Traditionally, Hatha Yoga comprises several disciplines, such as: asanas (postures), purification, breathing, meditations and gestures (mudras). Hatha in its sense represents opposing energies, such as hot & cold or fire & ice, positive & negative. In this way, Hatha Yoga’s aim is to create a balance in the mind and body via asanas.

Poses Include:

Cobra Pose, Camel Pose, Locust Pose, Bow Pose, Triangle Pose, etc…


Well, you can kind of already guess it’s benefits, can’t you? ;) Better sleep; increase in energy levels; mental, physical, and spiritual strength; relief from muscle aches, and much more…

Is it for me?

The answer would be an absolute yes, want to know why? Hatha Yoga is meant as an introductory practice, so anyone can join in. Its practice is aimed towards relaxation and stress management. There is no need to be the most flexible one in the classroom either, as you will be concentrating on your breathing and cleansing your mind with the help of asanas rather than focusing on achieving a perfect pose.

Hope this helps! Leave us a message through the comment section below or comment on our Facebook page, we’d love to know what you think!

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In the mean time, Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti x