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Yogamasti is an interesting and innovative brand of yoga clothing.We first launched our yoga clothing  collection at the yoga show in london in 2009 and there has been no stopping since then.We endeavour to fill a gap in the industry and create clothing for yoga which enhances your own yoga practice. Our designs are motivated by keeping the yogi in mind.

In the last two years we have done  about 20 yoga shows around the world and are pleased to say that our yoga collection is being appreciated all over.We are constantly trying to improve our products and services so any feed back will be sincerely appreciated. Please write to us on
Led by Aanika Chopra,Yoga enthusiast and dancer, Yogamasti offers a modern yogi comfort in style and has designed their yoga range keeping the yogi and his practice in mind.We believe that Yoga is not just about clothes that fit. The clothes one wears should enhance and bring about that experience hence making our yoga class a wholesome experience.

Infused with Holistic spirit,the hand painted artistery on our yoga clothes is a treat to have and the clothes become ever so special with them. Not only are they surprisingly machine washable,but the cotton/lycra blend of fabric is very comfortable and breathable which makes them popular with yoga practitioners.The Yoga clothes can be worn on and off the mat and carry a fashion element inherent in the entire range.

Our meditation range is exclusive and the lightness is felt in its choice of colours and fluidity of patterns.We have touched on the oriental as yoga originates from India, giving the whole range of products an authentic aura, which gives an edge to Yogamasti.

Our Yoga mat bags are original and trendy, not to forget spacious and quality.We have introduced a lovely bio degradable bio mat and slowly but steadily we are bringing you more fair trade and organic products.We always try to pay the best rates to our hand painters who bring you such quality and pleasure.

Aanika’s Yoga DVD ‘The flow within’ which is being launched at the yoga show, is set in naturalistic ashram like serene surroundings and the use of flute and chimes with the added flair of Rangoli art makes this video not just an educational but a heartwarming journey.

Keeping the aesthetics at the forefront we wish to bring love and light through our services and products.

Please let us have your comments on our unique yoga products by writing to us at or feel free to call us to have a chat at 07723423719.