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About Aanika

Aanika started her explorative journey into her self when she first stepped into those heavy brass anklets at the age of 7 and allowed their classical sounds to weave her into the wondrous colours of Classical Indian, Folk, Contemporary and the ever so popular Bollywood styles of Indian dances.

Her repertoire of movement extended from Dance to Yoga, a gradual smooth progression. A desire to understand her inner world took her to various ashrams, taking time out from life, she studied meditation under the personal guidance of learned gurus. She has been practicing and teaching Yoga as a way of life for the past seven years in the UK.

A student of life, Aanika is a Yoga instructor, Indian Classical dancer and an Ayurvedic masseuse, with a versatility that encompasses all three.All holistic practices involving inner and outer body work.

Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, she trained in Yoga from the Sivananda Vedanta Institute of Yoga, Kerala India, and did further training from Yoga India through Yoga Alliance, from Mysore in India. She practices both Hatha Relax and Hatha Power. Trained in North Indian classical dance from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad and Sriram Bharatya Kala Kendra, India, she has performed extensively in the UK, India, Spain, Japan and Canada.

Yoga and dance are two equal parts of a whole which she endeavours to bring together in a stimulated exciting language of Yogic dance.

Join Aanika in finding the depths of your true selves, through Yoga and related practices.